Can't use FileZilla - Error

When I Try connect using FilZilla show this message : “ETIMEDOUT”

But My friend used the same as mine and got the connection …

I don’t know what happened. .

Username: epiz_20908906
Password: ****
Port : 21

What I can do to try fix this problem ?

Does your friend use a different internet service provider? Usually, these issues happen because access to the InfinityFree FTP service is blocked by your internet provider or network operator.

Hi, first thing, thank you for your answer.

So, I don’t think so, because I have another host and it’s ok to connect using FileZilla…

What I have to do with my internet service provider ? I have access as administrator to configure … could you help me and say please what I have to change there ?

Some overzealous internet service providers block access to certain hosting services to “protect” their customers. If that’s the case, no amount of administration powers in your own home will help you, because the connections are blocked by the internet provider.

You could try getting in touch with your internet provider and ask them this question as well.