Can't use file manager

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Error Message

Error! Too many incorrect login attempts. Please try again in 5 minutes.

Other Information

I enter the correct ftp password but it just says the error, and I try again in 5 minutes but it says the same thing I can’t use this sh**y slow file manager

It always shows whenever I try opening the file manager its literally so bad

Please use filezilla instead


The file manager is working fine, but FTP access is currently not enabled for your account, so the file manager cannot connect either. You can verify this by trying to connect with any other FTP client.

The reason FTP access is not enabled is because you have never tried to login to the control panel. This should happen automatically in the background when you create your account, but if for some reason you cannot connect to the control panel, then FTP access will not be enabled.

Can you please try to login to the control panel from the client area? Just press the big green Control Panel button on the account’s main page. If that works, the file manager will work after that as well.


Thank you, it works now!

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