Can't upload xml file to File Manager


[](dunno why I have to specify the “index.html. Shouldn’t the part before automatically go to the index.html?”)

Error Message

No error is shown, but I’m trying to upload an .xml file to the htdocs folder, where index.html is, and it’s not there, when it finishes uploading. I succesfully uploaded the style.css and, obv, the index.html.
I’ve tried many ways to upload the .xml. As zip and then extract, upload and extract at the same time, upload as .html and then rename to .xml, but I don’t know if there are security issues here, with any corb problems, from chrome, or something.

Other Information

My idea is for my index.html to access the .xml file in the script part of my html file. Locally, it works with no problem, but I’d like to be able to have it available online, so more people can access it and so that it’s permanently up. After I finally upload the .xml file, I’d have to see if, just like I do locally, I’d need a dedicated server to handle the script getting the .xml info, as well as working out any security issues. I’d update the .xml locally and then I’d update it to my webserver, but I wouldn’t like to have a massive amount of work whenever I want to update the .xml online(that is, when I finally have the .xml online). Thank you for your help!

Can you try to rename the xml file to something else,coz our security systems may have blocked it


Could you check and see if any of the reasons in this article applies to your file?


The .xml file I tried uploading is 15 MB, and the max is 10…I think that was why. I just tried to upload a file below 10 MB and my app worked flawlessly! Thank you very much, @Admin and @anon77371365 !!
Now, I’ll try to make it work by splitting the .xml file into more files.


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