Can't upload sound files

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I am very basic at creating a website. So basic I am using publisher but it’s only for personal use so the look of it isn’t important.

Basically I am trying to upload files to my ftp but for some reason sound files won’t upload, after upload time it then says Error. Tried both mp3 and wav files

Also, I thought the main page name is called Index? I can only get to my site if I put /index.html at the end of the web address. if I just put in the web address nothing comes up.

Been a few years before I have made and uploaded sites :-/

Most likely the sound file weights more than 10MB. InfinityFree doesn’t allows uploading for files larger than that.

As for the other, it may have something to do with .htaccess file, but not really sure.

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please give us your website URL

Does this article help?

That sounds like it could just be a caching issue. Could you please try to open the page in Private Browsing mode instead and see if it works?

If you need more help, it would be beneficial if you could explain what you see instead. An error message or alternative page often describes more than “it’s not what I expected to see”.

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