Can't upload my (html and more) files to my File Manager

Error Message

The upload failed: Error during FTP upload, file not found: ‘htdocs/…/…htm’
(please share the FULL error message you see)

Other Information

When I try to upload my folder of an htm, css and png file, to my file manager, in the preset folder htdocs (where it says to upload the files), it gives me that error message, respectively for each file if i try to upload them separately rather than the folder. How can I upload this folder so my files are present in my file manager and therefore website? So the html file can be clicked and opened as a site, with the css and png attached to use?
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Does the htdocs directory exist? Do your other directories exist? Can you try again in FileZilla? It will give us a better understanding of what went wrong.

If you look at the error message you’ve got, you will see the “/…/…htm” - those dots shouldn’t be there, and indicate a problem with the files you’re uploading or the path your’re specifying.

What FTP client are you using to upload the files? If you’re using the one built into InfinityFree client area, you can upload individual files or whole folders and shouldn’t encounter the error that you are seeing.


Login to your account - InfinityFree

Click the account you wish to upload the files or folder to, then when you have your account page opened - The page will be titled epiz_1234567 (Website for yoursite.tld) - do the following:

Firstly, click the FILE MANAGER button, then navigate into the /htdocs/ directory by clicking on it.

Next, click the upload button (Along the bottom, beneath the directory structure, you will see a button with an UP arrow on it) and choose either upload file or upload folder, depending on what you are uploading.

You should now be presented with a modal open file dialog box within your browser - navigate to where the file/folder lives on your computer, and click it. Now click the UPLOAD button.

If you subsequently see an error message, paste it here - but this should work unless there is some other issue with your account.

  • (I’m not affiliated to or an employee of InfinityFree, I’m just another customer like yourself, trying to help out) *

@BlantyreBotanicals, The second half of you post is basically a duplicate of this: How to upload files with FTP.
The three dots in a row htdocs/…/…/htm are the online file manager shortening the error message OR that is the OP trying to protect their privacy/directory structure.

@Nessle420, All in all, I think the solution is to manually create the directories and upload the files rather than trying to upload the directory with the files in it. Also there is a known issue for it not uploading more than 10mb at a time.

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Well that’s a handy link I can save for future reference. But it’s good to note that what I typed in by hand and from memory is correct - although I’m a little scared that you’re suggesting it’s almost word-for-word!?!

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