Can't upload image gallery!

So I am making a family website and I created an image gallery, but when I upload it and open the site there are only 2 pics showing…The others are showing their alts…HELP !

Are they on a restricted folder on the system? If yes then move them out and include them on your HTML file with the modified folder.

No they are not in any folder!

Then make sure your files don’t have a name that enters the trigger, for example “chat”, “includes” or “modules”; if yes rename them to something else and edit the HTML file to include them and/or clean cookies and cache or use

How to clean the cookies n the cache?

You can reload the page by pressing Ctrl and F5 at the same time to clear cookies and cache on that page.

Found the problem in the word “snapchat” in the name of the files thx for your time!

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