Can't upload files via FTP


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No error messgae

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I just can’t upload any file, I tried FileZilla, Web Client( After 5-6 MB’s, green bar is turning red and saying Preparing files… Then nothing happens, nothing uploaded.

Please share the logs from FileZilla


|Durum:|C:\Users\Eyup\Desktop\ yüklemesine başlanıyor|
|Durum:|13.667.315 bayt boyutundaki dosya 30 saniye sürede aktarıldı|
|Durum:|/ klasör listesi alınıyor…|
|Durum:|/ klasörleri listelendi|

There isn’t error log.


I’m uploading to htdocs folder. And I was able to upload some files in the past, but not this file.

That is not the only reason, please see the entire article.

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Maybe Is there a MB limit? I’m trying to upload 13MB file. I was able to upload one folder which is 8MB.

There is a 10MB file size limit. What is the file type of the 13MB file?


It’s a ZIP archive.

What for?

Just my servers thing.

But if you’re really interested it’s a bot files.

How can I upload a file more than 10MB?

Uploading this type of file is not a good idea.

Use a file sharing service, such as Box or Google Drive.


They’re very slow, I want to open this website for blogging. But people must have download these blogs files from website too

I’ll begin this by saying: File sharing websites violate the Terms of Service.

Like I said above (which apparently you didn’t read):

I read it, and I read TOS too. But as I said, I will use this hosting for blog. And people who enters my blog should download the needed files without any external websites. Like attachments…

And that is basically the definition of file sharing.

And the article I linked also shared the 10mb limit.


A file sharing website is indeed a website, but it also does file sharing, and we do not allow file sharing.

Yes, having everything integrated it much nicer. But as far as I know, you can’t do that with free services. Either you’ll need enough server space for the files, or integrate an external storage service for the files.

This forum also uses an external storage service (Amazon S3). And it looks integrated, which is great, but it’s most definitely not free.

Google Drive, Mega, etc. are free, but aren’t possible to be integrated so cleanly. But how much that clean integration is worth to you is your call.


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