Can't upload files (via File Manager) and getting a virus warning to boot?

Well, OK; thanks for the diagnostic. Not sure what’s going on there. In any case, I gave in and used FileZilla, which worked OK (in which case, how could it be “my internet”???).

I hate fucking computers, software, the internet, all of it.

But thanks.

Sure. The file manager is flaky. It’s useful to make quick edits, but tends to break down on larger files, especially with creating and extracting archives.

It’s an FTP client written in PHP. Both FTP and PHP are quite limited in how they can handle files. I’ve tried making one myself, but it’s just a mess.

Desktop FTP clients are miles better, always have been and probably always will be.


I honestly don’t reccomend using AVG at all. But this is just my personal taste. If it came from Norton or BItdefender. Only then I’d be worried.

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