Can't update WordPress

Hello. So I move my website to, and i want to update WordPress. First try, “Waiting for…” for a long time, then ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. Waited 2 minutes, refresh, and my WordPress wasn’t updated (because on second try, it says “Another update is currently in progress” So how to actually update WordPress?

One more, on top bar (while on my home page), it says 2 updates. But on dashboard, it says 3 updates. Another 2 is 1 plugin and 1 theme update. Kinda weird, but okay :confused:

On home page

On dashboard


Thanks for your kindness :smiley:

You can’t update it from Admin Panel. Because of file size limitation: How to upload big files / archives - Docs - InfinityFree Forum (WP size > 10MB)

You must update it manually. Upload it part by part.

Except you are using Softaculous. You can update it from Softaculous Panel.



So just wait for softaculous to provide the new version for us? :smiley:

Not too long. So it’s okay :slight_smile:


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