Can't transfer file (>10MB) with ftp

Why I can’t transfer backup from local computer to my site?
File transfer by FileZilla, but immediately delete, why?
Is I understand correctly that now Infinity free allow only 10 MB file size in File Manger and FTP, too?

Yes, you are correct, but PHP and HTML files can’t be over 1 MB, .htaccess not over 10KB, and files like .jar or .exe are banned;


Ok, clear.
But some time ago there were no such restrictions?

I am not sure, I have been with MOFH Based hosts for 1+ Year, and I believe restrictions are more or less the same.

The file size restrictions have existed on InfinityFree since the start. Maybe you didn’t notice it before if your backup was smaller than 10 MB some time ago.

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Size restriction in File Manager - I agree and remember, but about year ago with FileZilla I can transfer bigger files (backup of local site to hosting). It was Akeeba Backup file about 30-100 MB, because create all changes on localhost.
Now I can transfer with FTP only files <10 MB. Try few times and think that not good time for it, but after few days try find answer about it.
Now I understand that must find other way to transfer site from localhost to hosting.
Thank you for answer.

Maybe try using our official migration instructions?

Or the official WordPress instructions for that matter?

Both we and WordPress don’t recommend using backup plugins. In my experience, they cause a lot more problems than the old fashioned way of moving a website.


Tahnk you.
Yes, I will try this way :slight_smile:

i have a doubt if we upgrade our plan does these rules can broke or still the same rules

If you upgrade, to IFastNet premium hosting, these limits will be removed, I used to host with them, and never ran into a limit.


does i still connected in infinity free or migrated to i fastnet totally

No, you will be fully in IFastNet’s hands, they will support you, and move all your files & domains.


Is there an issue? I’m just giving the facts.

no issue but i love infinity free forum

does your site is code by your own html

My site is fully my code, my work, I took the loader from w3schools, but it is built using my own Content Management System

:clap: :clap: :clap:wow

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why new users like me have a limited message limt?

This article describes the ‘trust limits’ of users;

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