Cant see Index.html

Hi Im having a problem with the Index File.

Unforteunately clearing the Cache didn’t work for me. The Index File is in the correct subfolder but it still doesnt show up:

what I’m seeing online is always the same screen in every Browser I tried.
(Coloured Arrows on both sides and Below that a Navigation: Free Domain, CPanel Hosting, ecommerce Website, A Free Webiste…)
What is that page? Commercial?

If I open the Index File directly on my PC it seems to work just fine

Could you guys please help me out?

Thanks an kind regards

For me it works fine, but shows a Directory Listing. Either add this line inside the .htaccess file you need to create in the htdocs folder:

DirectoryIndex Index.html

or rename the Index.html file to index.html, then consider reading this article to see more about the problem on your side:


Thanks that did the trick.
I renamed the index file and flushed the DNS Cache using ipconfig /flushdns

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