Can't secure my own subdomain?

I bought a domain at godaddy and very successfully put it at infinityfree as addon domain. Also, I secured it very well with the method outlined by you. From the SSL Certificates section I put a subdomain but when I clicked the CNAME Records from the control panel I got yoqfar,com instead of subdomain ? Please help how I can secure my subdomain whic is my own and not free.

For starters, please note that the control panel does not support uploading SSL certificates to subdomains. Even though our panel does technically support adding those.

As for adding CNAME records for subdomains, you can just use dots in the record name. So if you have the domain and would like to create a CNAME record for, you select in the domain selector and enter testing.subdomain in the record name field.


I wish to know the following ;

  1. Do you say that i cannot secure my sub domains ?
  2. I have to be more specific. I entered my sub domain and got it in the tab But when I clicked the CNAME Records in the control panel, I got in the domain and there was no way to enter anything. What should I do ?

You don’t need to put subdomain, infinity can capture subdomain you can also add subdomain in control panel.

That’s correct, yes.

The lack of subdomain detection seems to be a bit of an oversight in the panel. Sorry about that.

Any subdomain part in the Domain column should be appended to the record field. So if it currently shows _acme-challenge in the Record Name column and in the Domain field, that should be in the Record Name in the control panel and in the Domain selector. Same goes for the www subdomain, which should be


Let me explain it again. The domain is my own and it is secured very well by your procedure. Under my domain I created 4 or 5 sub domains but securing doesn’t work by your procedure. So I went for self signed securing but BItdefender is blocking all of them.
So I guess I am doomed.

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Manually setup your domain on cloudflare then use the dns setting on the cloudflare dashboard to point to your subdomain. Before you add you domain on cloudflare, make sure to find you website IP (ex. 185.27.134.XXX) You will need this to know which dns settings to save. Start an A Record Pointing to your subdomain as the name, and the domain points to your website IP (185.27.134.XXX) After that you should be using cloudflares universal ssl on your main website + your subdomain.


I see that your websites IP is
Use that in your dns settings.

Add your subdomain in Cpanel

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