Can't run phpBB restore

Hello. I’m trying to restore a backup from another domain I have to one here. I uploaded the file to restore but as soon as it’s uploaded it’s deleted… How am I supposed to run my restore. I know there’s a 10MB limit but surely there could be a delay on deletion to allow such tasks.

when you export database did you choose save as file and select gzipped? (sql.gz)
so that backup would be smaller

Yes I did but the backup is 233MB. It’s a rather large forum. I just exported from one phpMyAdmin and imported to the other. That worked.

The file size scans run immediately as soon as the file is uploaded. Big files are deleted nearly instantly.

Is this a backup of your website files? If so, then please extract the backup on your own computer and upload the extracted files through FTP. It might take a while (depending on network speed and latency), but it the most reliable way to upload a website.

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