Cant restore wordpress backup

Cant restore wordpress back up…
File /home/vol7_2/ already exists and is write protected
There was some error while unzipping the backup files

please advise how to go about it if there’s an alternative to restore the wordpress back up

Really appreciates any input…as ive tried restore more than 5 times

Please use or remove the wordpress from your domain or the wordpress installation by clicking the “X” red button from Softaculous, instead of using the Restore Installation.


First, delete all the files from .htdocs folder and then try restoring installation.

I think he already removed installation because if he didn’t then he would be receiving message like “You already have wordpress installation” or something like that.

Please go into the file manager, navigate to the htdocs directory and delete the file named index2.html. After that, you should be able to proceed with the installation without errors.


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