Can't register domain and can't add SSL

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

I can’t register domain, can’t install WP, and can’t get SSL certificate…

I followed the instructions, but no help.



What do you mean you can’t? You got the domain registered, and you installed WordPress. What exactly do you need help with? And if you are stuck, and you tell us exactly where?


Yes, my domain is registred now, and I installed WP.
But, I’m getting 404 Error.
And, I can’t install SSL.

I see a corrupted install page. Can you try clearing your cache?

Where are you getting stuck?


I cleared cache but still the same.

In case of SSL, I can’t get certificate.
Current Destination (no CNAME found) - NOT READY

Even though I followed all instructions.

Please screenshot…

  • The Control Pannel’s CNAME section
  • The page in the client area where the CNAME records are displayed
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Please also screenshot the page in the client area where the CNAME records are displayed.

Also, remove the first and third CNAME records (The ns1 and ns2 ones).

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You got it! Now you just have to install it.

  1. Click the blue “Show” button
  2. Copy the Certificate Key into the control panel (The SSL/TLS section)
  3. Click “Upload Certificate”
  4. Copy the Private Key into the control panel
  5. Click “Upload Private Key”

Didn’t help!
Not working, and always keep getting 404

Where are you getting 404? Send us a screenshot.

Did you install a SSL? Use HTTPS only if you did.


Yes as @jaikrishna.t said don’t use https unless you have a SSL Cert which is trusted , I guess you have installed your own self signed cert , right ?

Self Signed Certificate is not a trusted SSL , Instead of that Use free LetEncrypt SSL which is absolutely free

Here’s how to get it (Already mentioned by GreenReader9 )

I also suggest you to use Cloudflare which is highly trusted SSL Everywhere & use InfintyFree SSL in Server !

@MD2709 doesn’t have a custom domain name!

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Hold on. One issue at a time.

For starters, installing an SSL certificate affects whether your website supports HTTPS (without errors) or not. It doesn’t affect 404 errors or anything like that.

I just tried to open your site. I don’t get a 404 error, but I do see a message saying that WordPress crashed. So please try to reinstall it.

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I managed to install WP.
It’s working now.

But I can’t install Really Simple SSL in WP?!

Cool story, thanks for sharing.

If you want help, please provide information. As with all your questions before “I can’t” doesn’t give us a clear idea as to where you’re getting stuck.