Can't read css stylesheet

Hi, I just uploaded my website but can’t display correctly.
All files and links are in order, don’t know why.

Kindly let me know, thanks.-

The problem I see is that the extensions of your images found in these folders
is in uppercase

Please pay attention that unix based systems are case sensitive
.jpg is not same file as .JPG

Rename extensions to lowercase to reflect the HTML code
(Check all files in folders)

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Thanks I already renamed all the files but the problem seems like CSS files are not read at all.

Kindly let me know, thanks-

CSS has always worked well in my case, that’s why I didn’t mention it

Try deleting browser cache or use private/Incognito mode

All good now, thanks.

Still can’t display correctly, this is what I see.
Tried other browsers still can’t view it.

Two words: cache problems. Try to clear the cache and cookies and enable the cookies if you didn’t enable them in your browser.

I clear everything, the problem seems only on this hosting.
Other hosting works fine:
Don’t know…

If you’re not sure
you can always test with some online tools such as

And if you look at the screenshots there…

it’s completely everything goes well to me.

can you use another browser or device? or VPN?

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