Can't reach to website

Hello to all.i try to view my website but i can’t.what error.i install again fresh WordPress.but not error massage is shows after active all server massage.i am using sub-domain.not specific domain.

When I check your website, several deprecation warnings appear. These can usually be ignored; they seem to be related to plugin PageLayer. Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin.

If you had activated WP_DEBUG, setting it to off should help your website display normally.


Dear i am student and don’t know anything about website after install new WordPress.what is the next ? Please suggest me step by step everything.which data creat first

You were already told something you can do, did you try it?

Also, we are here to help you solve any issues you may be having, not fix them for you.


The WP_DEBUG setting is inside of the file named “wp-config.php”. You’ll want to look for the line that contains it and change the word “true” to say “false”.


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