Can't point InfinityFree DNS

I’ve been trying for a few days to connect my personal domain purchased on to the InfinityFree account, but without success.
I changed the DNS configuration from the control panel of my domain provider, so as to point to the nameservers “” and IP address, “” and IP address
I waited quite some time but on the InfinityFree panel it keeps telling me that my domain is not pointing to the DNS indicated by InfinityFree. I tried to contact customer assistance and they advised me to ask you at InfinityFree for help since, in their opinion, the DNS problems concern you.
Could you please help me? Thank you.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Seems like you’re trying to change the nameservers on an .it domain, which won’t work out for the registry’s side because of this error:

though has a bug where it’ll always be stuck on the “Nameserver changing” phase as the registry refused the nameserver changing because there are no DNS records for the nameservers, and we only set the records after the domain has been added to an account. In short: for now you can’t host your .it domain, until in the future there will be an A record verification to add a domain.


Thank you for the quick response. What if I change the domain to new extension (not .it), like for example .website? Is it a solution or will be alse stuck in this case?

It’s a good solution, as domains other than .it registered in the same place will accept nameservers even if the DNS records aren’t configured on our side!


The strict nameserver checks can be enforced on the registrar side (where you buy the domain name) or on the registry side (who control the entire domain extension). The .it domain registry enforces the limitation for the entire domain extension, but most extensions don’t have this restriction.

But I’ve seen registrars that want to “help their customers avoid making configuration errors”, and also enforce strict nameserver checks. In that case, you would need to transfer or re-register the domain with a registrar that doesn’t have such a limitation.

I don’t know whether enforces nameserver checks for other domain extensions too. You’d have to check that with them to know for sure.


I wrote back to customer assistance and this was their reply:
"Dear Customer,
I confirm that in order to perform the DNS change, the Registration Authority requires that these are correctly configured and therefore contain records.

I specify that the DNS change is not blocked by the Register but directly by the Registration Authority, if the manager of the external service allows it, you can use our authoritative DNS for the domain, once set, you can configure the zones by pointing the domain towards the platform external.

If you want to proceed in this way, I invite you to indicate it in response to this assistance case so that I can cancel the request in progress and align the control panel; I specify that in order to proceed with the configuration of our DNS, the manager of the external service must allow their use through DNS zones."

That sounds like they you can use domains with other extensions registered to them with our hosting.


Does InfinityFree allows the use through DNS zones?

You can’t set NS records to point to our nameservers through your domain registrar’s DNS zone panel nor can you set an A record to point to our servers before adding the domain on your hosting account. The nameserver change MUST be applied registrar-side, and the Registry must approve or decline the nameserver change, and since your domain is an .it domain, the Registry will decline the nameserver change because to add a domain to an hosting account, we require to change the nameservers and only after adding it, we’ll add the DNS records necessary for the website to resolve.


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