Cant Open wp-admin panel

The website work but

when i go to open admin panel (wp-admin) i get this error message

“” There has been a critical error on this website.“”

This error i get after update the w3total catch plugin. I remove the plugin, remove the theme, and overwritting the wordpres (wp-admin, wp-content, & wp-include) but i get again this error message.

Can help someone please ?


Take note of this as well


I tried to get into admin panel with the way you’ve explained above, but i get this error message

“” tal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wp_kses() in /home/vol8_8/ Stack trace: #0 /home/vol8_8/ require_once() #1 /home/vol8_8/ require_wp_db() #2 /home/vol8_8/ require_once(‘/home/vol8_8/ep…’) #3 /home/vol8_8/ require_once(‘/home/vol8_8/ep…’) #4 /home/vol8_8/ require_once(‘/home/vol8_8/ep…’) #5 /home/vol8_8/ require_once(‘/home/vol8_8/ep…’) #6 {main} thrown in /home/vol8_8/ on line **28

There has been a critical error on this website.“”

Wouldn’t it be better to do a fresh install of wordpress ???
But i dont want to loose my data …

There is no need to do that.
This will do if it is due to corrupted WP upgrade.

Backup first…


I upload yesterday a fresh wordpress copy who i downloaded from the wordpress site. I uploaded with Ftp (filezilla) this contents (wp-admin, wp-contents & wp-include)… but i get again the same error

Did you do this first?

When i try to do a wordpress installation from softacolous , get this message.
An installation already exists at as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!”
But if i uninstall the existing installation i must remove and database etc

I do a fresh install, but i get again the same error message…

“” **There has been a critical error on this website “”

I just checked your site and it’s working without errors now. Do you still see this error? If so, where exactly?


Yes my site work now, because i deleted my site and created again new site , and i imported the posts etc from a backup.
now i heave not errors…

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