Can't open the url programmatically with java?


this is error that i’m Facing :

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

after a lot of tries i have been told that this problem could be because of the (SSL) and i installed it successfully but still the url didn’t open with the same Error … all of this is happening when i try to open it programmatically . if you try try to open the site “Manually” it’s going to show to you (New record created successfully) that means the DB has a new Row right now with a imaginary data … so What is the problem ??

By The Way, i’m on a free Acc

probably because of this, click link below


does That mean to open the URL using Java i need to upgrade my Account ???

Yes, premium hosting don’t have this limit.
It is said that if you get a custom domain you can also bypass the system with cloudflare but I’ve never tested it out.


ok thank You all

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