Can't Open My website

I have been facing problems with opening my website for almost a week, I get a 502 Error, and It doesn’t open until I reload it many times.
Then today when I first opened it, I got a suspended website page, and after waiting for an hour or so, I got a 502 Error again and reloading it doesn’t help.
I know that 502 Errors are outside of your control, but the suspended website page got me worried, I have checked other threads which say that if the control panel doesn’t say it’s suspended, then it’s not, which is the case for me.
Also, I have one last question: does upgrading my plan to a paid plan help in resolving and mitigating those errors?

While “” is supposed to indicate that the account is suspended, that’s not always the case. A website may also redirect you to that if the domain name is not known at the particular IP address your computer is connecting to. Which can happen if your DNS settings are incorrect or if you deleted your domain name while it was still pointing to our servers.

However, I’ve seen this issue before today and I suspect it may have something to do with the system issues earlier today. If the issue hasn’t resolved itself yet, you could try to remove the domain name from your account and add it again, which might fix the server configuration and bring your website back online.

Migrating to premium hosting probably helps. Premium hosting is more reliable than free hosting, but remember that no service in the world can guarantee a 100% uptime or perfect functioning of your website.

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