Can't navigate through links

Hi, I need help for navigating through links
This is the site that I have hosted.

The problem is when I clicked on user management, it shows that the link is directed to to
managemembers.php but there is no content in it. I have checked that the php file has contents in the file manager.

All I want can be seen in this example site.
About us ,Services etc Navigation achieved.

Thank you =)

When I check the source of the user management page, I see the header of the page, an opening body tag, and then nothing.

This makes me suspect that your PHP code right after this has crashed, or is just not returning any data.

Is there any PHP code there, and can you verify that this PHP code is running?

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Oh that is right. I had included a php file that links to a local database. Now I’ve removed that line and navigation is succesful already. Thank you = )

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