Can't migrate to new host due to Infinityfree being so slow

My website is

I am trying to migrate my wordpress site to a new host, since my site has been extremely buggy and slow while running on infinityfree. It is now broken to the point where I can’t even change anything on my site because Elementor doesn’t load correctly. However, due to the slowness of infinityfree, I am having trouble getting any useable files to migrate.

I first tried using a migrating plugin, but it just gave an error about the host being too slow and/or stopping file transfer because of file limit.

Then I went into the infinityfree dashboard and tried to download all the wordpress files, but that gave an error message, I think it just said download failed or something not very useful. I also tried zipping all the files before downloading, but I got a similar error message while zipping.

What is going on here, and how can I migrate my site to a new host?

Not recommended

Please see


FTP seems to be working, thanks!

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