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No error message, only a redirection to the login page

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Hello there! I have been using InfinityFree for over a year now and I absolutely love this service. Using Softaculous, I installed MediaWiki. I didn’t encounter any problems with it, it works just fine. When I installed the SEO Panel application everything seemed fine at first. The only problem is that I wasn’t able to login into it. When I try to login, it just redirects me back to the login page. I can safely say that I enter my login information correct every time. What could be causing this? When I made a research on how to fix this, I encountered this entry in SEOPanel’s forum website: Can't login after installation I think it is something about PHP sessions not working properly. Can it be fixed? Thank you all for your help!

If that is really the case, you will have to wait for admin

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It looks like your site is using HTTPS, but SEO Panel is still configured to use HTTP (so without SSL), because all the links on the site don’t use HTTPS. Because of that, the login form is also using HTTP, and browsers will not send form data from a HTTPS page to a non-HTTPS page, because that could cause data to be intercepted.

You can probably fix this in the configuration file of your SEO Panel installation. The config file can be found at htdocs/seopanel/config/sp-config.php. If you replace the http:// in your website URL with https://, you should be able to login.


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