Can't login-in to backend of site

Got my site up and running at , on InfinityFree(much love and respect I start making a little money you’re all definitely on my list of IOU’s).

But then I tired logging in to the back end and was denied?

And, I for the life of me cannot figure out what the password is…

I’ve logged into and I’ve logged into about some confusion there)…

And, now, I am just going around in circles…

When I try to have password reset via email sent, it doesn’t recognize any of my usernames, nor does it recognize emails… So I’m like…WTF?

At this point with as many entities that have became involved in this attempt to build this site, I am not sure who i’m supposed to log into…

Again, everything is working fine, tried to log back in, and not capable. I have already logged into infinityfree,,, and cpanel… Started this project with only a couple specific emails, usernames… Of which neither are identified by the system when I try to reset password via email.

Anyone know what I’m missing?

Thank you very much!
Have a good day

Hi. If you go here and log into your InfinityFree account

Click on your account then go to Softaculous Installer. Then go to installations and you’ll see a person icon (representing admin login). Click the icon to log into your admin account.


They may may have been recognized by the system, but the email was never sent as free hosting does not support the PHP mail() function, which is what WordPress uses by default. Instead, you need to use SMTP. Once you get access to the admin area, install an SMTP plugin and configure it to allow WordPress to send emails.


Perfect…I vaguely remember this path while floating down whiskey river![man joke]
The response time was very impressive and appreciated. Thanks a million!


Copy That! I see the link you’re referring to, I caught wind of it last night, and was thinking from that sight, thinking that was a problem with my external linking… solace-ken Ken got me straight on my access and I’ll make the link you suggest! Rock-n-Roll!

Thanks Bud

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