Can't link domain to google sites

I created a simple site on the site configurator (Google sites). When selecting a domain I get this “Confirm domain ownership using DNS record
using txt”. Help me please.

Hi and welcome to the forum! If you have a free subdomain from us, you can’t use it on Google Sites. You can only use it on free hosting platform, exceptionally for Premium Hosting from iFastNet if you migrate the free hosting account and then nowhere else. If you have your own domain, you can link it anywhere you want. Now I don’t understand which domain type you have, so can you also share your website URL?


Well, what I told you before about our free subdomains still applies. If you don’t have your own domain and money to get it, I recommend using if you don’t mind the waiting time for the request’s approval. If you don’t want to wait but have money instead, buy one from a reputable domain registrar like NameSilo (what we recommend).


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