Cant install cname record for my sub domain

why my subdomain is not displayed in my cname records can i know the reasom

my user name is epiz_26400012

Hello! Welcome to the forum! :slightly_smiling_face:

By the way, what do you mean not displayed? It is showing already.

can you differentiate free subdomain and paid

Sorry, By free i mean * or *

my main domain is displaying but my subdomain is not displayed

but i use my own domain

why sorry?

You need to add your subdomain in the Vista Panel, and add the record in cloudflare.

i created through vista panel only

Do you use Cloudflare? And if so, do you use cloudflare integration?

just before a minute i enabled but from before itself its not displayed

That isn’t how cname works, you would select your domain from the list,

And the add the record like so.


You don’t choose the cname subdomain, say as below, if i wanted a cname for, I would enter;

i confused now can you setup for me

Ok sure :slight_smile: Private message me.

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