Can't Insert

I can’t insert data into database with php. For syntax I think it’s enough with procedural or pdo
has anyone experienced it too? but strangely only 1 table can’t

Can you give more details on the issue, as well as your code?

for the database table: user

and the syntax is like this

$query_register = query("INSERT INTO user (user_token,user_tanggal,user_status,user_username,user_jenis_kelamin,user_email) VALUES ('$reg_token','$reg_tanggal','$reg_status','$reg_username','$reg_jenis_kelamin','$reg_email')");

for the query() function, I made it myself and have tried it too without the function I created

Why not? Do you get any error message? Does your code actually check for error messages?

I didn’t receive the error message, I also tried it on local server but it worked, not when I tried it on hosting :')

OK, that explains question 2 of the three. Can you please answer question 1 and 3 as well?

To be clear:

  • What exactly do you see that makes you conclude that inserting data does not work?
  • Do you even check for database error messages in your code?

Silly question but do you have anything date related in the data that you are trying to insert?
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