Can't I just restore from the beginning?

So the TLDR to this is that I want to fully reset my site.
Like delete it and start over, restart.

Just feel like I have messed it up beyond belief and want to start a new.
Why do I have to wait 60 days to do that? What “Legal Obligations”? I made the account to begin with. Everything on there is legal. and to be frank, I can’t be bothered waiting 60 for it to delete.

I backed up everything on there just before I deactivated it.
But to be very honest ifast has being a pain in my ass.

I think migh of been attacked a few months back and ifast kept repeatably hitting my email with accusations of apparently “large amounts of traffic”. There was a sharp spike but idk what even that was nor was my site EVER supposed to be “quite popular” and not like I had any in depth analysis of HOW and WHY it was caused. Because ifast wanted more money for that. And I can’t justify a payment JUST for that.

Also with addition of trying to add a SSL certificate, that despite my most hardest efforts it is STILL not secure.

I think it’s mostly on me and I just want a new start, how do I do that like Today?


Well, you can create a new hosting account and start from scratch there.

Each InfinityFree account can have up tp 3 hosting accounts. So you can try.

For the old account, you can deactivate and forget about it. Be sure to read and follow this article though.


Did I hear the word ‘legal’?

If we delete your account instanatly after your request it,
You WILL end up regretting it, you might be annoyed and like ARGH IMMA DELETE THIS NOW, and forget you have files on that hosting account and domains, then you’ll come onto the forum, and start typing in all caps about how we deleted the account and you lost your files, we will say ‘There gone, that is.’

[TLDR] In short, It’s so you don’t loose any important files and so you can think about your decision.

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I’m sorry, but what exactly is it that you need that you feel you need to FULLY DELETE your account RIGHT NOW?

If you want to restart from scratch, just remove the domains from the account, deactivate the account and create a new account with the domains. It doesn’t get more fresh than that.

By then, your deactivated account is just a line in the client area to be ignored. And at some point it will just disappear.

So again, why exactly do you feel you need the account to be deleted right now?

You say everything is legal. If we’d let you delete the account right now, we would have no option but to trust what you’re saying, because we wouldn’t have any way to tell.

We don’t want to run the risk of someone creating a malicious website, then deleting all evidences and records before we would have a chance to act.

We are required by law enforcement to keep a paper trail.


(reactivated it now, and are just looking to at least revert it back to the factory configuration)
But I’m just gunna answer this anyway, yeah I was going to do that.
But since it was still linked to the deactivated account I coulden’t start a new one.

Yeah I usually think things though fully before going ahead with it, I get a second “are you sure?”
but just think the wait is pretty anoying just to start the account from fresh.

Yes and I was doing EXACTLY that. I was trying to reset it I have been trying for months to put a SSL on it, some software I was using needs it for some reason idk. and after ALL my attempts trying to configure it, when I followed everything to the damn character. Nothing has happened. Tried pretty much everything, I though I messed something up here (host-side) and wanted to see if resetting it would fix the problem.

But waiting (legal ob or not) 60 days to hit a reset switch. I’m just done waitng OK.

and I don’t appreciate your tone.

The feeling is mutual.

I’m just trying to figure out what your end goal is, I’m sorry if you consider that to be offensive.

Because from what I see, you want to refresh your account. And in your mind, you need to permanently delete your old account to do that.

However, I don’t think that’s the case. If you move everything to a new account and deactivate your old account, it’s not going to matter for your website whether the old account is deactivated or fully deleted.

And if you need help with setting up SSL, please just explain the issue so we can help you.

This sounds like a case of an XY Problem. You want to setup an SSL certificate and think setting up a new account will help you. And to setup a new account, you think you need to permanently delete the old account.

I believe that both of these assumptions are false.

So if you want to get SSL to work, please explain what you’re trying to do and where you’re getting stuck so we can help you with it. Maybe you do need a fresh account for it, probably you won’t. But please allow other people to pitch in on the original issue, rather than the perceived solution to the perceived solution.


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