Can't get the reset password email

Hello, i am trying to reset my password but i am not getting the mail of forgot password on my gmail account, i have a closed project on your server which i want to start again, so help me with this…

Is this site password? You can change the password from too :slight_smile:

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Which password are you looking to reset?

If you’re looking to reset your password for (but how can you login to the forum?), there was an issue yesterday with emails from the client area getting stuck. But that issue has been fixed now, and all emails should be sent now. If you haven’t received an email yet, please try to request a new password reset now.

If you’re looking to reset your password for do not use the cpanel password reset, it will break your account and your website sooner or later. Instead, view and edit the control panel login details in the client area.

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