Can't get rid of "Let's Make Something Awesome Your account is all set up..."


I can’t seem to get rid of the
“Let’s Make Something Awesome
Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!”
welcome page. I even deleted the index_2.html

Try clearing your cache

But your really provided no information, so we can’t help you effectively. What is your domain name?


Oh lmao that was it. Thanks it works now

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welp its broken again. It shows the welcome page now even though I didn’t reset it anything


No issue


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I get this or the welcome screen even after clearing my cache

refreshed it again and Im getting this now

Make sure the URL is correct in your browser.


This is a different subdomain. gives me a WordPress page, and gives the “Account Ready” page.


Have you just made your account? It may take up to 72 hours for DNS Propagation.

1 Like is redirecting to . Look for yourself

I did, and it didn’t do it for me, so I also tested it in an online VM to ensure it wasn’t my cache and here is the result:

Make sure you clear your browser and DNS cache, and if it still doesn’t work, follow the advice in this post:

Additionally, your site seems to be broken as the index.php file is named index_1.php, you may wish to fix that by changing it back to index.php.


oh yeah maybe thats why. Thanks

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One thing that is like an “starter” site when dns recordings are not changed… But i just make site on that domain lmao, gonna put message like: Dont worry, wait about 1-72 hours to some dns recordings change and your site will be visible

Your site is redirecting to now(that page from ifastnet(some hosting company to infinityfree))…

I finally update site with that message to new members and others idk