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on the***/domain dashboard, when I click on my site link it does not access the admin version of my website anymore. if i add /wp-admin I get a wordpress login screen. I have tried entering different details but cannot get in (site is not secure so this is also stressing me out…!)

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I’m new to all this, any help would be appreciated…!

Hi and welcome to the forum

The account section in CA never leads to the URL for administering your WP, but only to the domain
so it is normal that you have to add /wp-admin/ to the base address.

To administer your WP, you don’t have to be logged into the system here (Client Area) at all !

as for access data (user and pass) it depends on what you entered in Softaculous (if you installed via it)
or in general when installing WP.

Please read How to install an SSL certificate


Many thanks for your reply Oxy!

I accessed Softaculous from the infinityfree control panel. On the top right nav bar I selected ‘WordPress Management’ where there was a login for the admin version of my site, resolving the issue. :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ll be back to working on my site this afternoon afterall! :slight_smile:



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