Can't get free ssl certificate

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Screenshot by Lightshot

I’m using this software: web browser - Microsoft Edge

Additional information: I’ve waited almost 48 hours and there are 2 errors that didn’t change… (trying to get ssl certificate for free)

What are the errors and did you follow the instructions that Infinity Free provided in the Knowdledge Base. Also, subdomains are not supported.

1 Like - these are the errors and yes I’ve followed the steps

Your DNS records are correct now, the domain status shows as verified and the SSL certificate was issued.

What turned out to be the issue? Did you just have to wait longer or were your DNS settings not correct before?

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There’s been an error with the cname records… everything’s ok now but if I type “” as a link it redirects me to http:// not https://

Exactly I’ve been missed something with the cnames

Please make sure your website is configured to use HTTPS too.


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