Can't get a preview of my site when I share link to telegram and whatsapp

When I share a link from a post or page from my website, previews donot show at all on Whatsapp and Telegram. I have used Opengraph plugin to generate facebook preview but it doesn’t really work as expected. This happens to all my sites, whether TLD or sub-domain. Please help.

This is what i mean ShoutOutLoud preview as example.

Hello there,

That’s strange, WordPress should automatically have a preview feature when you post your site on messaging platforms like Messenger and Discord without even installing some plugins.
Can you verify whether this issue is only on WhatsApp and Telegram?

Can you also try disabling that Opengraph plugin and see if the preview works.

Also can you provide us your site URL? We will try to test your site on our end too.

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Hello, @UnknownLolz and thanks for the response, here is one of my sites without Opengraph. the other (my favorite) is but it has been suspended yesterday for CPU usage so it’ll be reinstated around 11:30pm.

I’m not sure but it seems like the security system is responsible for your issue, not all sites may be able to use the open graph protocol because of the security system.

Can you maybe refer to this KB article:

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Well, i think so. The preview functionability really helps in getting traffic to my website since i share my articles on social media platforms.
Since popular search engines are allowed to crawl sites hosted by infinityfree, I think it would be appropriate if popular social media sites are allowed to generate previews as well.
Thanks for the assistance @UnknownLolz

I found this Old topic that may help you which contain more informations:

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Turned out I really did not need open graph plugin on my site, thanks to @UnknownLolz . Link preview just worked after connecting to cloud flare and enabling “full” ssl mode.
Just in case someone else might need this;

  1. Get an SSL certificate for your site

  2. Heard over to your CONTROL PANEL and enable Cloud flare (An account will be generated for your Infinityfree registered email and instructions sent to you). This will add your site automatically to your cloud flare account.

  3. Under SSL/TLS tab of your preferred domain, click on “Full”.

    Give it sometime and previews should start showing.

@UnknownLolz Thanks so much for the help.


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