Can't generate a sitemap due to firewall protection

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(other information and details relevant to your question) please do my server has some kind of firewall protecting it from external access because am trying to generate a sitemap for my website but it says error contacting your URL independent of the sitemap generator I used
My URL "

The only way around this is by using Cloudflare.


How can I generate the site map ??? Because I have tried various sitemap generator but each of them show me the same error " can’t access the specified URL" my URL :

How then can I use the cloudflare to fix the problem

Signup to Cloudflare, add a domain and change your nameservers to the nameservers in Cloudflare.

if you want a picture tutorial, then tell me

It will be of big help

I can’t access my blog anymore

what ur blog

You have blocked my domain name so my site had been deleted :frowning::frowning:

Not him, Freenom.

Why did they do that??

I don’t know too. You can delete your parked domain and use your previous subdomain.

Huum and I can’t use the domain anymore so I just guest I will have to create new domain

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