can't find the problem, 404 page not found

are well elaborated here, i’m posting cars related articles, and since i’m new to websdesign i seem to have made a mistake in a certain page but i can’t figure it out, when i click the link in the index page that suppose to take me to the page it takes me instead to 404 page not found, i designed the page like the other pages i can’t find the issue this is the website go check the last article about bmw 3 series,

Where I should click to get 404 error?

the last article in the carrousel :smile:

Does the file “” even exists on ftp?
Are you developer of this kinda CMS, you know how it works or maybe smth about rewrite rules in htaccess?

yes i uploaded the page and linked it the title in the carrousel but , the page can’t be found, i did not rewrite anything in the htaccess

Hi @autowin

The problem is that you do not use UTF-8 charset to name files

rename url’s in html code from ./articles/bmw_srie_3_2019_photo_et_info.html

in this ./articles/bmw_serie_3_2019_photo_et_info.html

as well as these two files

and if you do not want people to see the contents of your folders
like this list , etc.

create in root of htdocs file named .htaccess
and put this code in it

# Disable Directory Listings in this Directory and Subdirectories
# This will hide the files from the public unless they know direct URLs
Options -Indexes

use monstaFTP (file manager) from the client area
because many text editors can add BOM or wrong charset

it’s best to rename all the files and the code which uses “srie” and variations (encoded in many different charsets :neutral:

(pay attention to the css code inside !!!)

@OxyDac well :smiley: thank you so much i actually had the same thought but i told my self to just wait for an answer , and here it comes from you , i will fix it , it’s the only articles where i made the mistake , i’m glade you replied , thank you for your time and god bless you :blush:

np and yw - thank you :smile:
but the answer actually gave you @MrJunior (so part of “the thank you” goes to him also)

I just gave a couple of details :smile:
if you just want to have this “special” letter e
then you need to encode it

see table with utf-8 here HTML URL Encoding Reference

very helpful indeed :smiley: i will be using some of these tricks when the site start getting bigger , i need to add more pages asap :smiley: and upgrade hopefully

Also if you can’t find some symbols in tables like the one OxyDac gave you, you can use console. F12 → Console


> encodeURI("™");
< "%E2%84%A2"

Useful for making right URL to utf8 characters.