Cant find that page 404

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

i created new site and i imported domain from other infinityfree account i uploaded link

Error Message

I get this error: 404!

We couldn’t find that page.

Other Information

anybody can helopme

I see XenForo homepage. Also, XenForo is $400 software and if you can afford it, you can afford $5/mo premium hosting, which is much more suitable. However if your copy of XenForo is pirated, you will be suspended quickly.


But why i cant see

I see a directory listing, which means that there are no files on your website.

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Now I see that your account is suspended.

Ok to me

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What should i do delete website data in host

Seems you are on premium hosting. Maybe you should get support from ifastnet??


No free plan

Now fixed but still seeing 404 pagenot found why

Stop spamming, read…

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On which domain are you experiencing this exactly? I merged your topics. Please don’t create multiple topics about the same issue.

I checked your accounts and see you’ve been repeatedly deactivating one account and creating a new one.

But I think this issue may be caused by DNS caching. If so, please just leave the domain and account alone for 72 hours. It will probably start working on it’s own if you give it time to do so.

Right now, there are two issues:

  • Your domain name is not using our nameservers. Please configure your domain name to use the nameservers and
  • Please wait for 24 hours for it to work. You’re experiencing DNS caching. This is normal, and not something you can fix. Messing with DNS settings and account allocations will only make this take longer. So please have patience and don’t make any changes you don’t have to.

ok i will wait to see if it will work

working for me (london england)

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