Can't find self signed ssl certificate in cpanel but is active in web browsers showing private

My website

I have self signed ssl now i want to delect it to use cloudflare but when i open my cpanel and ssl folder i cant see any installled certificate but when i try to open my site i keep geting “connection is private attacker will steal your information” or “domain ip address could not be found” Or even “domain dns not available”
Pls how can i delect the unauthorised certificate ? Or fix issue

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If you are using Cloudflare then please give me your website URL to investigate further


you can not delete it (nor is it where you think)
neither needs to be deleted

what you need is:
remove the redirect to httpS if you have it in .htaccess file

go to the Cloudflare website and add your domain (follow the instructions there)
and wait a while for DNS propagation as well as for SSL
choose SSL FULL in crypto section .
also for all other settings read help in cloudflare dashboard

I have already set up cloudflare on my wordpress following the instructions on their site but still the same error. I have ssl plugin plus cloudflare plugin also activated

do you have your own certificate or use shared by cloudflare (free)?

if shared then select SSL full
if you have your own and gave it cloudflare then SSL STRICT

“Full (strict)” mode can only be used if you’ve installed a valid SSL certificate yourself.

Cloudflare installs an SSL certificate on your website automatically, but takes up to 24 hours to do so

properly configured WordPress installation doesn’t need any third party plugins to use HTTPS URLs.

you do not need a plugin - remove it

after a while change wordpress to use https


I checked your website and it shows an Invalid SSL Error from Cloudflare for me.

This means you’ve configured Cloudflare with “Full (strict)” SSL mode. However, that’s only possible if you have a valid SSL certificate installed on the backend server. Unless you intend to purchase an SSL certificate for that, you’ll probably want to switch Cloudflare back to just “Full” SSL mode, which works with the self signed SSL certificate which is enabled on all websites.

ok i have switch to full on cloudflare, deactivated the ssl plugin and set my site & wp address url to https but still browser showing “connection is not secure”
after i chose advance and proceed in the browser to my site i realized my site showing “secure connection with green lock” but i go back browser same error even with different phone & browser.
what’s the solution pls? thanks for helping.

i have switched to full on cloudflare but now i can’t access my “wp-login.php” browser saying “we can’t connect to server”

Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Please note that:

  • Enables Cloudflare means your DNS settings have changed, which can take up to 72 hours to take effect.
  • Cloudflare takes up to 24 hours to setup certificates.
  • Some browsers can cache (invalid) SSL certificates and show SSL errors even when the server can present a valid certificate. Clearing site caches through browsers do not affect the SSL cache.

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