Can't Find my web content on my domain but only "Congratulation Your Site is up and running". help!!

Hello Mr. Admin,
I just got here in “Infinity Free” web hosting platform and I found it to be a solution to my long time free web hosting problem.
Conveniently I have signed up and have installed a wordpress website builder successfully.
So the problem is: I assigned a theme to my wordpress account and was unable to reach the exact content after publishing it to my domain [] from infinity free web hosting, of which i set as my domain while registering my account with wordpress. But my domain keep showing me a page from infinity free web hosting which says:
Let’s Make Something Awesome
Your account is all set up, it’s time to build your website!
Not sure where to start? Here are some suggestion:
Quickly build a beautiful website with the site builder.
Install a script or CMS with Softaculous.
Upload your website with FTP or a file manager.
Join the free hosting community.
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Your asap kind help will be much appreciated

Did you check the knowledge base before posting? If so, did you see this article?

Great thanks to you for your extreme asap response…
The problem has been fixed automatically. Now my exact content are on my home page. That is,
I would say the problem is the TIME. Because I notice after some hours, my content were found on my domain without any alteration in my account settings.
Best regard.