Can't find A record address to point my domain to

My domain registrar is asking for an A Record instead of simple NameServers.
How can I get it ?

Find it in the Client Area.


Welcome. You need to set nameservers in order to add the domain to your account. You cannot use A records untill after you have set the nameservers. What is your domain name, and who is your registrar?


Just give me the custom domain name, so I can see what the domain registrar you have on your infinityfree account.

I’ve pointed the domain to InfinityFree’s DNS / NameServers but now even in the cpanel I still can’t see a place with A records

All I need is somewhere on InfinityFree where I can see its A records address

Sorry, free hosting does not allow you to alter A records.

Once you add the domain to your account, just add the A record from the Client Area.


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