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I have a backup of a joomla site which has a lot of files (25k) and would take forever to upload and probably hang your ftp server. I created a multipart zip of the site where each zip was 9mb and uploaded all of the files using filezilla.

When I try to extract the main zip file in the archive using monsta file manager, nothing is extracted. How do I extract these files?

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but all my files are less than 10mb

of course… but online file manager (monsta FTP) has a limited amount of time it can use the CPU
and very often the server kills it before it starts unpacking,
so please use an FTP client like fileZilla and follows the instructions in that KB article


I tried that, and filezilla was running all night with multiple files not going through and the client or FTP server eventually stopped (probably because the huge number of files).

Are there any web hosting sites you know of that accept large zip files, and allow extraction of them?


It’s good to see you are trying to be considerate of our FTP server. However, please understand that our file manager uses FTP, and FTP cannot extract zip files on the server. Our file manager can extract an archive by downloading it from the FTP server, extracting it locally and uploading the extracted files. But then the experience of the file manager would be similar to the experience you’ve had.

The cPanel control panel, which is provided with premium hosting, comes with a file manager which can extract on the server, as well as a backup restoration tool where you can just drop in an archive and it will restore it for you.

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25k you mean kilobytes? Shouldn’t be a problem though. I don’t know whether monsta is capable of extracting from multipart zip (many pieces of zip to be combined, then extracted). Couldn’t you just upload one by one?

no 25,000 files

Where do I go to purchase premium hosting?

You can find more information about premium hosting and order links on iFastNet’s website.


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