Can't enter wp-admin anymore, and the theme doesn't appear

Days before I could enter the dashboard of my page, but now I can not and it shows me the following image with some autogenerated links.


I use cloudflare for my DNS and SSL, everything seems correct in the configuration.

Any suggestions?

This is the page

and this is my configuration in cloudflare

When I enter with the domain name it redirects me to

For me now it shows an error page with this error when clicking on your domain (translated from Italian):
The page doesn’t work - redirected you too many times. - Try deleting your cookies. - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
For this, you need to delete your redirect rules and if you want to redirect someone to HTTPS and non-www, use Page Rules on CloudFlare and remove the .htaccess with redirect rules (if there are).
And when you enter your Main Domain, the page redirects you to, not to, or sometimes the page redirects you to one of these domains listed here. This is because the Main Domain on your vPanel doesn’t exist, and is used only to point your website to CloudFlare or other services.

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