Can't Enter to Softaculous

I’m having trouble getting in softaculous. the problem is when I click “Softaculous Apps Installe” from my cpanel, it opens a new “cpanel login” but when I submit and click login, it says “invalid login”

someone can help me?

You cannot login to the cpanel login page for Softaculous, clicking the Softaculous icon from your control panel should log you in automatically.

Can you please respond with the following information:

  • On which account do you experience this problem?
  • What browser do you use?
  • What browser extensions do you have installed (specifically any which could mess with cookies)?

Hello I guess I can help with that, try an incognito browsing, it normally happens to chrome mobile browser, or you clear your cookies and caches… It must surely help

i use chrome browser and mozilla in Ubuntu.
before it was fine, but after the https://cpanel.evozy change to http://cpanel.evozy directly I can’t access Softaculous.