Can't embed YouTube videos in Divi

Hello Infinityfree team,

I am having a problem embedding YouTube videos in Divi team. I thought it was a problem on Divi’s end. However after contacting them, they told that oembed might be disabled in my hosting provider’s end. What is oembed and how do I activate that?

My website is

Thanks in advance.

You could actually embed a video. What embedder did you use? Javascript iframe or from a third-party?


I’ve never heard about that standard either. Bu the first web result tells me that oEmbed is a way for sites to provide information about embeddable resources (like photos and videos).

In the case of embedding a YouTube video, that would mean YouTube provides oEmbed data about a video, which your website can use to embed the video in a usable way. The oEmbed data is just a web call which returns some JSON data, which is really simple and doesn’t have any special server dependencies.

So I don’t know how we could disable such a thing even if we wanted to.

Can you please tell a bit more about what problem you experience when trying to embed the video? Do you get any error messages? Does the video not work correctly? If you can share the raw symptoms, instead of the conclusions of the theme developer, we may be able to give more useful information to you.


Sorry for the late reply.

When I add a link to the YouTube video from Divi, it gives a message of false as shown in the screenshot. I’ve tried multiple YouTube videos but the results are all the same.

Could you please tell me why this is happening?

What about using a embedder lightweight plugins instead of using iframe or third party?

Found a workaround. I used a YouTube video embed code generator and used that code in the Divi code module. Works perfectly.

Thank you for your quick responses. You’re doing a great job.

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