Cant download program from my website (not cpanel)

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

there is no error message it’s just won’t allow downloading the file

Other Information

there are 3 buttons and the files in them are not hosted on my website
the one with the coming soon button is the only thing that its working and its an image

for those who don’t understand im trying to make an auto-updater to my c# program

I clicked on Packapp and installer.exe was downloaded…

Try clearing your cache

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if you check the link you downloading it from you will find its from github and not my website

yep I saw that too

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Do not try to upload exe files to our hosting as it violates ToS and server automatically deletes exe files.
if you’re not hosting files here then please explain more than just ‘Cant download program’.

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this is the title

what is the problem to upload exe files?
why this is so hard to do everything here its just 1 file

We do not allow file sharing/downloading service, we only allow regular websites to be hosted here, re-read the Terms of Service.


where is this




You have file sharing/uploading site.
Which violates the ToS.

@anon19508339 Sorry I didn’t lookup the website properly. :pensive:

this is just for testing then i will get the money i will move out of here

plus the only thing you can upload is images and its broken

Our terms forbid file sharing sites. These terms apply to both our free service and iFastNet’s premium services. We provide website hosting services, so please use our servers for website content only.

Your unwillingness or inability to purchase a service which does allow file sharing does not entitle you to abuse our servers.

We’ve also blocked .exe files on our servers because they were primarily used to distribute malware.


The files on my website are safe you don’t even know what is this rbxunlocker

I will now need to use other slow service…

At least they don’t block

I said: .exe files are blocked because they are primarily used to distribute malware. That doesn’t mean that every single .exe file is. It only means that the rate of abuse compared to legitimate user is so high that we deemed it appropriate to block this file type.

Again, we’re NOT accusing YOU SPECIFICALLY of uploading malware. I’m just explaining the reasoning behind the platform level restriction.


aahhhhh now i will need to find new hosting and change the domain… i just asked why its not working

now the website has been suspended :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t reply to me -_-

Just to say please read their Terms of Service before switching to their hosting. not every hosting allows file hosting so it’s possible they ban you for breaking their ToS


I think I found what I need and this is google

Why you are happy?