Can't delete the subdomain folders after deletion?

Recently, i deleted the test subdomain from my account, and now im trying to delete the remaining folders (logs). When im trying to delete them, the FTP gives me an error that it can’t be deleted. I tried to use CHMod but i had that error: 57813769d9f96.png
Any suggestions why? Im just cleaning the account from inodes.

Hello @MrMishka.

Unfortunately we do not allow deletion of log folders because they store information like website visitors, their IP adresses, pages that they have visited and other information. We do this only for security, in case if we run into any legal issues we will be able to provide authorities with information.


Oh, ok thanks, Mike. But what about Inodes? If they gonna fill the whole bar, what is going to happen? My account going to be suspended forever?

Well, the log files should only be a very small number of files so they are unlikely to seriously affect your inode count.

If you hit the inode limit, you will not be able to create or upload any new files on your account. Hitting the limit would break many websites. If that happens, simply remove some files and everything will start working again. Your account will not be suspended for hitting the inode limit.