Can't delete removed Subdomain Folder and Locked out myself!

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Hello There! I recently added a Subdomain to my hosting Account( and Now I deleted it due to some reason. But when I opened my File manager I was unable to delete the “” folder , so i opened it and tried deleting htdocs inside it but i was unable to do that so i tried changing its permission , but unfortunately i removed Owner permissions and set them to Group and Public…
Now I am neither able to change its permission nor able to delete the folder…
I am Really Stucked, Please help me!!!
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Since you created this mess, is better for you to de-activate this account and create a new one. Remember to remove domain from this hosting account before de-activating


Hey there!
Please note that you cannot delete sub-domain folders. You can only rename them.


I think he’s on premium, which gives him full root directory access.

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