Can't delete any folder in File Manager


Hi, when trying to delete any folder (even empty) then get this: “Error during FTP delete directory, permission denied”. Tried to do it via FileZilla but folders doesn’t delete there too. How to fix this?

Just have a lot of domains I already deleted from domains list but there is a lot of folders of this old domains left.

You cannot delete folders that contain domain/subdomain names. However, you can rename them


But why I can’t delete them after rename then?) If they doesn’t contain domain/subdomain names anymore

File permissions.


and? this is my files and what permissions I need more?

You can:

  1. Stop caring about these old domain folders, or
  2. If you really care about them, you can create a new hosting account and these folders should disappear
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  1. lol, ok cap, if I could do it, I wouldn’t create a topic here
  2. this is not a solution too. or you suggest me to create a new account every 6 moths/year?

Hello @krypton!

Because of how the file system is setup, you need administrative privileges in order to edit files and folder outside the root.

This is not really a good thing, but it is there for your protection so you don’t accidentally delete a folder that will cause your entire website to break.

You can always rename the folder to something like “deleted” or “removed”.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


but if there is no “site” a long time already and even a domain is deleted, then why it’s not possible to delete this folder? :man_facepalming:

This is why:

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And where is my “administrative privileges”?

Administrative privileges are for the server admistratior and allow access to all parts of the server.

As a user, you don’t have access to that level. You can either rename the folder, or create a new hosting account to remove them.

Just renaming them and leaving them there are honestly not a big deal. And if the letter “z” is the first letter in the name (Like “zDeleted”), the folder will be on the bottom of the list anyways.


and hwo is “server admistratior”? he can delete those folders?

No, someone is not going to go into your account and delete the folders for you, they have better things to do, like make sure everything is running correctly and monitoring upgrades.

These are two things you can do, and both have been listed above multiple times.


then why you r talking about this?

Using few other hostings and can delete any folder there without any problem. What r they doing ‘wrong’?

Because you keep asking, obviously.

Neither us or any hosting are doing anything wrong, per se, by letting or not letting you delete a folder or file.

If you feel as though you must switch to another host just because of this “issue” then so be it. But it is really not a big deal.


lol that question even hasn’t been addressed to you. And I didn’t start asking about any "privileges”. Someone else above started, and again if this can’t help, don’t see reason to talk about it

as I told I already use another hostings, but still can’t understand why users here unable to delete old useless trash folders :man_facepalming:

As the question has already been answered, and there is no need to attack people here (See the community guidelines) I am closing this topic.