Can't Delete a File



Error Message:

550 Could not delete /htdocs/To Be Deleted/A20072921352610.jpg: Disk quota exceeded. Please contact your web hosting service provider for assistance.

Other Information:

Trying to delete a folder with too many files. It will not let me delete any files or the folder itself. I was able to rename the folder “To Be Deleted”. This folder contains many .jpg files that were uploaded automatically.

I’d suggest to try starting with deleting a few inside the folder and then try to delete the folder again.


I already tried deleting files within the folder. It gives me the same error. I made sure that all permissions were set for all the files. I have tried the file manager on the InfinityFree site as well as using CyberDuck.

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That’s weird. The only thing left is to wait for admin’s reply.

Please see this article:

That Article doesn’t really explain How to fix that error that occurs while deleting a file/folder.


Hmm, this is very strange. It doesn’t make sense that you can’t delete files because of a storage limit.

I’m going to check with a server admin what can be done about this.

Also, please do note that we provide a free website hosting service. We do not provide a free image storage/backup service, or IP camera distribution service.

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The “To Be Deleted” folder has now been removed from your account.


Thank you!

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