Can't create MySQL database

Hi, I can’t create database in MySQL.

Your Account > Control Panel > MySQL Databases (with dolphin logo, not the boat)

“Currently using of 400 available databases” (0 out of 400), but upon typing and clicking “Create Database” button, the page reloads but the DB created was nowhere.
The only thing that show are “Delete a database” and “Current Databases” but both is empty. The delete DB dropdown showing only black line and Current Databases’ table is empty.

Upon typing DB name and submitting for many times, the yellow bar under “Create New Databases” seems incrementing (Currently using 4 of 400 available databases.) but DBs are nowhere. Upon closing the page and reopening again from Control Panel, the yellow bar states “Currently using of 400 available databases” again.

This is my 3rd free account. The 2 account works fine. Only in 3rd have this problem.
Already tried clearing cache, signing out, incognito mode, but none fixes the problem.

That usually means the database server is down. If that happens, then 99% of the time your database contents are completely safe but just unreachable at this time. When the database server comes up, you’re almost guaranteed to see your database contents again in the exact state you left them.

There is probably some maintenance work being done on the server that stores your DB

Please try to be patient for a while (an hour or more) and then try.

If the problem is still present after a certain time
please let us know the DB server on which the database is located
as well as your name of DB


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